Syaifudin Sardi

…semua tentang syaifudin sardi dan catatan kehidupannya …


The Passage of My Life

Inspired by Kitaro’s Album: Dream (

Deep in the forest, so deep, I heard sounds of joy. I heard sounds of laughter, sounds of happiness. I heard sounds of tears. I heard sound of fears, sound61bcidZwbAL._SL500_AA300_s of sadness. Sound of the forest. Sound of the forest in symphony. “Symphony of the Forest.” Sometimes it sounds so sweet, but sometimes it sounds so tart. Sweetness and tartness fused into one, in the forest, in her.

Still, I walked trough in. Until I found my self in a place. On an island. Everything looked so strange to me. I saw struggling, I saw rebellion, I saw willingness to be it self. I saw strong hope for happiness. But, all I saw weren’t like as they looked like. All I see was desperation. Desperation wrapped in loyalty. All I saw were mystery. Mystery on the “Mysterious Island”.

Still, on the island of mystery, I found a girl, a lady. So simple, so beautiful. So sincere. I didn’t know why I gave my everything to her, sincerely. I gave her  my pride, my hope, my thrust, my love, my affection, my body, and my soul. My everything, everything until I got naked. Lying naked beside her. But, she was only dream. My “Lady of Dream”.

Still, on the island of mystery, I found my self in loneliness. Nothing left. No more pride. No more hope. No more love. No more body. No more soul. No more thrust. No more. Nothing. There was only anger. Anger in pain. So painful. Tears escaped from me in silent. No sounds. Only drop of tears. “A Drop of Silence”.

I didn’t realize, “Agreement” has been made. “Dream of Chant” has been planed to sail through the “Magical Wave”. Her, him, and them. My lady of dream has had her own symphony to play, with him, with them. “Symphony of Dream” played in the “Island of Life”, their life.

On the island of no more mystery, I realized my self. I realize that all were the way I should get trough. Slowly, more than a season, I found back my lost pride, my lost hope, my lost love, my lose affection, my lost body, my lost soul, and my lost thrust. I found my self back. There’s a long passage in front of me to get trough. The passage of a new hope for a new love. The passage for a better tomorrow. “A Passage of Life”. This is my passage.

Dedicated to AW. Where’re you now?